How to Locate a Trusted Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Breast augmentation can help restore the appearance of one's breasts. The procedure may work for women that have breasts that are too small, uneven, or are not "full". Problems with cleavage, projection, and symmetry can also be addressed when you see a breast augmentation surgeon. But how do you locate the right surgeon to give you the perfect breast implants? Below are some useful tips to help pick a trustworthy breast augmentation specialist:

Membership of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Choose a specialist that is a member of the ASPS. Such membership guarantees that a breast augmentation surgeon has completed medical school and undergone post-graduate surgical training for at least 6 years. The specialist boasts at least 3 years of residency training in cosmetic surgery. It's also important that your plastic surgeon possess experience performing surgery in a facility that's licensed by the state.

Previous Works

An experienced Los Angeles plastic surgeon must be able to demonstrate what they can do for you based on their past works. They can start by showing you photos of both pre and post-breast augmentation surgery for some of their past patients/clients. Decide if you're pleased with the quality of work portrayed in the pictures.

Professional Record

Be sure that the surgeon you choose has no professional issues reported against him to the state medical board. If the said surgeon was blacklisted, maybe 7 years ago, are you okay having them operate on you today? Ascertain that this surgeon is currently well-rated by their peers as well as clients.

Request a Meeting

You don't want to commit your future looks to a surgeon you don't know well. So, ask if you can see your prospective surgeon prior to the day of the surgery. Does your preferred clinic make it seem your request to see your surgeon unusual? You don't want to be just an 'exception to the rule' when it comes to a facility's policy regarding patients having meetings with their prospective surgeons prior to surgery.


If there's a doctor you trust, such as your primary physician, ask them to refer you to a plastic surgeon who can accommodate you needs. Professional referrals are usually more reliable.

Choose your mommy makeover Los Angeles surgeon carefully because the viability of the process depends on the competence and reliability of the practitioner. Be sure the specialist is an ASPS surgeon and they have a good professional record. Meet them before the day of surgery.